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Working With North Raleigh Law

“Bob Morton is the first lawyer we contact when we have a legal question. He is responsive and provides practical advice. He provides direct and candid counsel. He may not always tell us what we want to hear, but we have confidence in him and know he will refer us to others when he does not have an answer, or experience in a particular area of law. He has developed and earned our family’s trust and confidence over the many years we have known him.”
— J.M. & A.M., small business owners, Raleigh, NC

“Bob Morton assisted me with a dispute I had with a business partner. While the business was fairly small, the friction with this partner was a significant burden to the business and to me personally. Bob took the time to understand the nature of the dispute and navigate a solution that maintained the dignity for all the people involved while going through the legal process and negotiation that allowed me to move forward without my ‘ex’ business partner.  Thank you, Bob”
— M.D., Raleigh, NC

“As a business owner, I have benefited from my relationship with Bob Morton over and over again. He provides sound advice, reliable service, and has earned my 100% trust. He is the only lawyer I call when I have a question, or need representation with business or personal matters.”
— JMH, North Carolina

“I have known Bob for over 25 years. As a real estate professional, I have considered Bob my go-to attorney for legal advice on property law matters and always refer Bob to my clients when they need legal assistance. Personally, I have benefited from Bob’s expertise in many areas of law. I can count on him to provide sound advice and know he will help me find another attorney if my needs are not in his practice area.”
— P.M., Raleigh NC

“I never thought I would need an attorney, but when I did I am so glad I chose Bob Morton to represent me. He not only provided great legal advice and service, he genuinely cared about the impact my legal matter had on myself and my family. He is a great listener, advisor and advocate. He will forever be my go-to attorney whenever I need help.”
— S.B., former client

“When I have a question regarding civil law matters, I check with Bob first. He always seems to know the answer — he is smarter than a whip.”
— D.C., North Carolina criminal law attorney.

“I first worked with Bob when I became the President of a small construction company 25 years ago. That small construction company grew and was recently acquired. Bob has been my go-to attorney from the beginning. I count him as one of the keys to my personal and business success. He has always been there for me providing sound advice on business law, construction law and personal matter — always looking out for my interest and that of my business.”
— T.B., Raleigh NC