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Guiding Clients Through Business Divorces And Protecting The Rights Of Departing Owners

Breaking up a business presents a significant challenge no matter the operation’s size or focus. As parties work to protect their financial interests and future opportunities, personal conflicts can impede the process. I am attorney Bob Morton. At North Raleigh Law, I am a strategic counselor who helps clients manage their business divorce successfully no matter how complex or contentious the issues might be. Whether your goal is maximizing your value in a sale, executing a seamless succession program or avoiding personal liability in a business dissolution, I’ll outline your options clearly and take the appropriate legal steps to help you move forward positively.

Working To Preserve Value When Company Partners Cannot Coexist

With an extensive background in business litigation and contract law, I offer a comprehensive perspective on business divorce matters regardless of the particular circumstances. My firm deals with all types of business transitions, such as:

  • Sales — In cases where one business owner is looking to sell his or her share to other owners or to an outside party in order to facilitate a separation, I’ll make sure that appropriate consideration is provided and will minimize or terminate exposure to future liability. When necessary, my firm will also address issues relating to intellectual property, business goodwill, disclosure agreements, anti-disparagement provisions and competition terms.
  • Successions — Shifting ownership of a business can trigger costly complications. In these matters, my firm explains the potential consequences, drafts detailed transaction documents and works with financial advisers to limit tax liability.
  • Closings — When it’s time to dissolve your business, I can help you take care of corporate formalities and legal and tax concerns, along with the sale and distribution of business assets.

If business owners can no longer coexist, it’s usually best to formalize parting terms through negotiation. I have the skill and creativity to help parties reach mutual agreement even when serious differences exist. However, if this cannot be achieved, I am always prepared to advocate for my clients in court.

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