Intelligent Solutions For North Carolina Business Law Disputes

Preparation And Dependability

When businesses and people need guidance and representation, they want to turn to an attorney they know will back them up. They want to work with someone who is a proven problem-solver with a reputation for service they can rely on.

I am at your service.

My name is Bob Morton, and since 1997 I have served clients in the North Carolina The Triangle Area with all kinds of real estate and business issues. I very familiar with business law and customs in Raleigh, and I use my insight to help you achieve your goals.

Passionate About Solving Problems

The primary reason anyone turns to a lawyer is to solve an issue, whether it’s a complex business transaction or a high-stakes dispute. There are two aspects to solving your problems: analyzing the issues and developing strategies. It takes creativity and understanding to build the right solution for a person, and there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all approach. And that’s where I like to stand out. My goal is to find a solution that you want, involving:

I listen closely to your issues and think critically about the struggles ahead before moving on to your problem.

Thoroughness Makes An Impact.

Regardless of the circumstances of your legal issues, I am extremely diligent in researching your case. I bring all of my decades of experience and insight into North Carolina contract and real estate law into each case I work on.

My goal is to solve your problems out of court because it’s faster, simpler and cleaner for you. Going to court will be expensive and time-consuming. But make no mistake; if we do have to go before a judge for a resolution, I will fight as hard as you deserve.

A Local Lawyer With Common Sense

While I work as a lawyer here, I’m also someone who deeply cares about Raleigh and the surrounding area. It’s my home, and I like to be able to help my friends and neighbors with their legal problems.

Reach out to me with your questions at or send me an email, and you and I can sit down to talk about it.