Intelligent Solutions For North Carolina Business Law Disputes

Trustworthy Outside General Counsel For Businesses

Large companies understand the importance of having a knowledgeable general counsel or complete law department at their disposal. The ability to obtain prompt, reliable advice from someone familiar with your business can be crucial if an opportunity or concern arises. Of course, keeping a qualified attorney on the payroll is an expense that many businesses cannot afford. To bridge this gap, my firm, North Raleigh Law, fills the outside general counsel role for many clients in the Triangle area and beyond. I am attorney Bob Morton, and I will take the time to learn about your industry and understand your goals. From there, we’ll work together to address legal issues effectively and efficiently.

Established Firm Providing Reliable Representation In Disputes And Transactions

My “one-stop legal shop” enables clients to enjoy the services of an in-house attorney without the expense and hassle associated with bringing on a new employee. Whatever industry you’re in, I offer exceptional representation and service for business law matters including:

  • Disputes — No matter the specific issue, business litigation can place a tremendous drain on owners, managers and personnel. Often, the best resolution is one that ends the conflict quickly and without excessive court costs. Having a qualified litigator on hand gives companies the opportunity to secure a successful outcome immediately.
  • Contracts — Because I gain a thorough understanding of my clients’ objectives and circumstances, I am able to address key issues during the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of contracts.
  • Real estate matters — In disputes over construction issues, property use and other matters, my firm works to maximize the value that businesses receive from their real estate investments.
  • Employment issues — Dealing properly with issues such as executive compensation, workplace policies and employee complaints requires skillful handling and insight as to how certain decisions could affect daily operations. As outside general counsel, I don’t need to waste time and money getting up to speed on key aspects of your business.

Even the most serious legal concerns can often be handled quickly and inexpensively if the lawyer you consult is aware of your situation and goals. Retaining my firm in an outside general counsel role ensures that you’ll receive advice that suits your long-term needs rather than the priorities of a law firm unfamiliar with your business.

Speak To A Qualified North Carolina Lawyer Regarding Outside General Counsel Services

North Raleigh Law serves as outside general counsel for various North Carolina businesses. Please call 919-944-4856 or contact me online to schedule an appointment at my office in Raleigh.