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Business Litigator Pursuing Successful Results

In a business dispute, you want an attorney who has extensive knowledge of the law along with a proven ability to identify useful litigation alternatives whenever possible, because even a successful lawsuit can place an undue strain on a company’s resources. My firm, North Raleigh Law, delivers this type of comprehensive representation in all types of North Carolina business litigation cases. I’m attorney Bob Morton. Having practiced law for more than two decades, I seek innovative solutions and pursue clients’ objectives in tort, contract, property and other matters.

I Can Help You Assert Your Rights In Tort, Property And Construction Cases

Combining more than 20 years of business law knowledge with extensive advocacy and negotiation skills, I handle a wide array of commercial disputes, including cases pertaining to:

  • Antitrust and unfair trade practices— The difference between acceptable business conduct and behavior that raises antitrust or unfair competition allegations can be subtle. Following a detailed review, I’ll explain where your situation lies and advocate for an appropriate result.
  • Real estate litigation — Whether your concern relates to a boundary dispute, homeowners association covenant, lease provision or some other real estate issue, I’ll make every legal effort to help you get the most value from your property.
  • Business torts — If you’ve been accused of fraud, tortious interference or another type of business tort, my firm can outline the available defenses and develop a strategy to limit your potential liability.
  • Professional liability — In cases where a professional such as a lawyer or architect is accused of failing to meet professional standards, I’ll examine the case facts thoroughly, apply them to the relevant law and present a compelling argument.
  • Construction law — Disputes relating to building projects and repairs often become contentious and may involve multiple parties blaming each other for construction failures. With a deep background in this area of law, I can pinpoint where the problems occurred and pursue a just result at trial or in a settlement.
  • Banking, creditor and lender liability — For actions arising from collections issues, banking law, alleged lender misconduct and other financial matters, my firm assists litigants and brings in subject matter experts when necessary.
  • Securities matters — Problems with the laws and regulations that govern securities pose a threat to your company’s investments. I’ll provide strong guidance so that you can overcome any problems and move forward positively.

Honest counsel from a seasoned litigator will help you clarify the key legal issues and make smart decisions about how to proceed.

Knowledgeable Adviser Litigating Partnership And Shareholder Conflicts

Conflicts that emerge between individuals who share ownership of a business present serious risk to each party involved, including the underlying business. In these situations, skillful legal counsel can help partners and shareholders gain a clear picture of each side’s legal rights and responsibilities. My firm provides this type of analysis to foster an environment where everyone can reach a conclusion that does not threaten the viability of the business. If negotiations are not successful, I am a dedicated trial advocate who will press for a conclusion that fully recognizes your rights.

Litigating Breach Of Contract Claims

Enforcing your rights under a lease, transaction agreement or employment contract can be difficult without the proper representation. I have a detailed understanding of contract law and provide comprehensive support whether you choose to litigate or prefer to engage in settlement discussions. In cases pertaining to alleged breach of contract, breach of warranty, mistake and fraud, my firm will press for a proper outcome.

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