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Resolving Real Estate Disputes

Real estate disputes throw a wrench into your investment strategies. No matter the scale of the dispute, from neighbor issues to problems with municipal zoning, you need answers and guidance.

At my firm, , I guide my clients through the real estate disputes they face to find a better, more profitable way forward. I assist in both commercial and residential real estate clients across Raleigh, but my focus is solving the problem, not picking a fight. If you want solutions, turn to me.

What Is Your Dispute?

The first aspect of my work is understanding exactly what is ahead of you. Your dispute may conform to any of the following:

However, it is the particular details that matter most. Not every case needs to go the real estate litigation route. Not every case can find a resolution at the negotiation table. Your needs and preferences guide what I do. I work closely with each of my clients, offering them insight into North Carolina law.

A Good Investment With A Lot Of Risks

While a real estate purchase, whether it’s commercial or residential, carries a lot of potential and the investment almost always pays off, a dispute can change all of that. Disputes can massively and totally disrupt your plans, from building to sale. You need help from a skilled attorney to resolve these issues quickly.

Experienced. Passionate. Local.

I love Raleigh. I love my neighbors, and I love the work that I do solving legal problems for the community. More than that, I want to make sure you have the information you need to make the right decisions for you and your company.

Reach out to me today by phone at or send me an email. We’ll talk about your problems and work to find a solution.