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Know Your Options and Rights

Don’t assume that you will lose your home at foreclosure. With experienced counsel and advocacy, you may be able to stop a foreclosure action before going to court. At North Raleigh Law, Bob Morton is an experienced foreclosure attorney in complex cases involving foreclosure defense and can effectively evaluate your individual circumstances, assess your rights and options, and pursue every avenue of recourse to stop a foreclosure.

We are passionate in trying to resolve a client’s threat of foreclosure. We leave no stone unturned in examining loan documents and creditor conduct in this process.

Resolve a Foreclosure Before Going to Court

Many individuals, families and businesses do not have a clear understanding of their rights or options in defense of foreclosure. Often it is the case that banks do not have the evidence or supporting documents to successfully pursue or complete a foreclosure. With experienced legal support, it is possible for you to protect your rights and defeat a foreclosure action, even if you are behind on mortgage payments or in default. Our Raleigh foreclosure attorney will:

  • Evaluate the loan documents and test the lender to make sure that a foreclosure is a legitimate action in your case
  • Show resistance and work through foreclosure negotiations with lenders
  • Pursue other legal options, including litigation and other relief at the trial level if the foreclosure is unsupported

Experienced, Trusted Foreclosure Defense Services in Wake County

Our firm offers professional, experienced advocacy and representation and can effectively evaluate your mortgage documents. We will look for defects in the loan documents or your lender’s improper behavior and when possible start negotiations with the bank to achieve a settlement in your best interests. Even if there are no defects, our firm can help you explore your options, including debt counseling or referral to competent bankruptcy counsel when necessary to stop foreclosure.

For more information about your rights and to learn how to stop a foreclosure before going to court, please call our lawyer today at 919-694-6640 or contact us by e-mail to arrange a consultation.

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