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Real Estate Breach of Contract

A somewhat inevitable part of construction matters is that things typically go wrong — missed deadlines and breached contracts or required enforcement actions are all possible allegations of disputed issues. If you are experiencing any of these situations, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney that understands all aspects of the construction process, so that your interests and rights are protected.

Robert “Bob” Morton has a vast knowledge of the construction industry and will provide a meticulous and honest assessment of your case. Bob collaborates with his clients to determine the strategy of the case and actions to be taken. Whether to begin settlement negotiations or employ alternative dispute resolutions (such as mediation or arbitration) or proceed with civil litigation, Bob’s goal is to resolve disputes efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner as possible. As an experienced and proficient real estate litigation attorney, Bob has a broad range of real world experience to apply to construction dispute matters.

A few examples of construction matters that form the basis of breach of contract or performance disputes are:

  • Construction delays and disruptions
  • Collections matters
  • Lien claims
  • Construction defects
  • Zoning, easements and land use
  • Building code and compliance violations
  • Various construction contract issues
  • Real estate contract issues

Bob is an advocate for his clients’ rights and believes in close personal service to achieve goals that are in the best interest of his clients. If you are involved in a real estate dispute, a contract dispute or can see a possible dispute on the horizon, contact Robert Morton for a consultation today. Bob will examine the matter, discuss the available options and provide proficient legal advice. Bob provides his clients with peace of mind that comes with knowing that a powerful advocate is in your corner and will fight for your rights which, in turn, allows you to resume your attention back to your business, where it belongs.

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