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Many large, successful businesses keep in-house attorneys on staff to provide advice and counsel whenever needed. That may work well for companies with a huge budget and a boat-load of legal issues to manage. But what about small businesses that only need occasional legal help, or need consistent legal advice, but don’t have the resources to keep a business attorney on-staff? This is where an experienced Raleigh corporate litigation attorney can help.

The answer is North Raleigh Law. At our firm, we strive to function much like an in-house attorney, without the cost of keeping a lawyer on staff. Corporate attorney Robert L. Morton, is a former teacher and small business owner with a broad range of real world experience. He knows and understands how the decisions you make can affect your business and your bottom line. He and his staff share a commitment to providing you and your business with a high level of personal service.

Bob Morton is an experienced trial lawyer. He provides a range of other services to businesses meant to help them avoid the necessity of litigation, and to ensure business and owner assets are protected when disputes cannot be settled out of court.

Among the many business law matters with which we can provide skilled assistance are:

We provide all the services of an in-house general counsel…without the need or expense of keeping an attorney on staff.


Bob Morton has experience in most every type of civil litigation matter. Whether your dispute resolution needs involve business, employment, real estate, estate matters (wills or trusts), a contract dispute, we are ready to assist. The representation process almost always starts with a thorough and candid assessment of your case. Candid discussions are required early on to decide whether to actually file a lawsuit, or settling a claim early on if you are the one being sued.

Many Raleigh area businesses have found our firm to offer an excellent value for their money. When you choose us, you get a broad range of legal knowledge, a wealth of real-world business experience and a highly attentive level of service…all for a very reasonable price.

Contact us today to put our knowledge and experience to work for you and your business.

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