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Proven Triangle-area Attorney Advises Businesses on Contract Issues in North Carolina

North Carolina firm handles the drafting and execution of agreements

Nothing in business is ever certain, but establishing fair, enforceable contracts gives companies the ability to capitalize on opportunities and plan for the future. At North Raleigh Law , I draw on more than 20 years of experience as an attorney and small business owner to give clients an advantage in a full range of contract matters. Whether you require an agreement drafted to complete a transaction, seek counsel on language written by another party, or are looking to hold someone to their contractual obligations, my firm will assert your rights and safeguard your interests effectively.

Dedicated legal counselor assists with contract negotiation and development

Regardless of how complex your needs are, I have the business law background to handle a full range of contract tasks including:

  • Drafting — I prepare clear, complete documents that delineate both sides’ rights and obligations.
  • Negotiating — My real-world experience gives me the ability to avoid unnecessary conflicts and negotiate effectively on my clients’ behalf.
  • Creating business formation agreements — Establishing strong agreements when a business is formed can avert difficulties later. When creating internal guidelines, buy-sell agreements and external contracts, my firm builds a framework that promotes stability and growth.
  • Developing transactional documents — If you’re engaged in a purchase or sale, I review the relevant circumstances thoroughly and work to complete a trustworthy transaction agreement.

By analyzing each contract term in detail and identifying potential problems, my firm will help you reach an agreement that you can rely on.

Accomplished Raleigh business litigator takes on breach of contract claims

When the party you’ve contracted with fails to abide by the terms of the agreement or accuses you of a breach, prompt action from a qualified business litigation attorney maximizes the likelihood of a favorable outcome. I represent clients in breach of contract claims arising from payment and delivery disputes, errors in contract language, disagreements over interpretation, and other conflicts. I’ll review whether the agreement itself provides for appropriate relief or whether further action is required to secure a fair outcome, which could include rescinding the contract, obtaining an order for specific performance or awarding damages.

Experienced adviser creates effective noncompete agreements

Mobility among workers and the ease of transferring information enhances the need for effective noncompete and nondisclosure agreements. Though many businesses want to protect their customer base and proprietary data, failing to draft these documents in accordance with North Carolina law could render them invalid. My firm examines each situation and advises whether an agreement is reasonable, protects a legitimate business interest and includes proper consideration. As someone with a deep understanding of the local market, I can also help determine if the terms are overly restrictive in regard to time or territory. Whether you need an NDA created, evaluated or enforced, my firm offers knowledgeable counsel.

Contact a skillful Raleigh contract lawyer to schedule a meeting

North Raleigh Law handles the drafting, review, negotiation and enforcement of contracts for North Carolina clients. Please call 919-436-1105 or contact me online to discuss your matter at my office in Raleigh.

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