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Asset Protection

North Carolina Asset Protection Lawyers

Strategic planning to protect your assets and investments is critical, particularly if you face a judgment or are threatened by creditors. At North Raleigh Law, Bob Morton is an asset protection attorney experienced in the complex areas of law related to asset protection and the creation of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) to protect your assets.

Our firm represents individuals, licensed professionals, builders, contractors, subcontractors and other members of construction and other industries seeking to protect their assets against creditors.
We work with you to stop creditors, protect your assets and secure your property into the future.

Forming an LLC to Protect Your Assets

A cutting-edge strategy in asset protection is the creation of an LLC, which can lawfully receive your assets in exchange for an economic interest. While you are not giving your assets away, you are transferring them and a capital investment into a new business. Once your assets are transferred, you do not own them, and they generally cannot be seized by your creditors.

Attorney Bob Morton has extensive experience in the creation of LLC’s and Limited Liability law and routinely teaches local CLE’s on Limited Liability law to other attorneys.

Our Raleigh asset protection attorney can help you:

  • Prevent seizure of assets by creditors
  • Establish a legal transfer of assets to an LLC
  • Protect your assets into the future
  • Help you maintain your business operation
  • Leverage your position in settlements pre-litigation and post-judgment

Immediate and Long-Term Asset Management

There are many assets that can come under attack by creditors — your savings, investments, real estate, collectibles and any vehicles. Banks and other creditors can become extremely aggressive to collect after a judgment.

While there are some protections, it is critical to work with a wealth and asset protection advising attorney who can help you explore your legal options in asset protection. Our experienced LLC formation attorney can help you with all aspects of LLC formation from documentation and filing, through management and dissolution.

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