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Will You Get Property Tax Relief Due to the COVID-19 National Emergency?

Governments and even some private businesses have worked to ease the burden on people who are struggling financially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For people who are concerned about losing their home after being laid off or seeing their business revenue plummet, programs have been established to offer rent and mortgage relief. While many will Read More

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How Will Coronavirus Affect Contractual Relationships and Obligations?

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted practically every aspect of American life. Whether closed by government order or by concerns about public safety, millions of businesses around the country have seen their operations come to a halt. Despite the overwhelming effect of COVID-19, it is not a certainty that an “Act of God” clause in a Read More

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How Do I Enforce My Non-Compete Contract?

As an employer, it is only natural that you want to retain your most talented workers. You don’t want your best employees to take their talent and everything they know to a business competitor. As this is a concern for many employers, it is not unusual for employers to incorporate non-compete clauses into employment contracts with their Read More

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7 Key Differences Between LLCs, Sole Proprietorships, and Corporations

As a Business Entity Formation Attorney, I know that choosing the right business entity for your company is a big decision. You have a lot of different options. You could form your business as a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or a limited liability company (LLC), among other business structures. Each type of business structure has advantages Read More

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First 6 Steps Of Forming A Business In Raleigh, North Carolina

Deciding to start a business is an exciting time for an entrepreneur. The empowerment of being your own boss and the excitement of creating something that is your own is challenging but exhilarating. But before you can start your business, there are several things that you must take care of first to make sure that Read More

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Here’s What You Need To Do When Your Customer Won’t Pay For Services

As a Dispute Resolution Attorney, I’ve occasionally consulted with business owners in Raleigh dealing with a customer who is unwilling to pay you for the services that were provided to them. As a Dispute Resolution Attorney, I’ve occasionally consulted with business owners in Raleigh dealing with a customer who is unwilling to pay you for Read More

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What Are My Legal Options If An Employee Stole Money From Me?

Occasionally, employers must deal with the experience of an employee stealing money or property from the business. Not only is it upsetting that your employee stole from you, but you are also responsible for deciding whether to report the theft to authorities, that you get as much of the money back as you can, and Read More

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